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Two in one pencil pouch

Published March 24, 2018 by Fi-B


Found some great ideas in two sewing books to make this beauty.

Super Cute Paper Piecing book and Stitched Sewing Organisers

The sewing organiser was a two in one case.  I changed it a little by putting the clasp at the top and putting a pocket on the back.

It was the perfect size for a notebook and colouring pencils and a book in the back.




Notebook cover

Published February 25, 2018 by Fi-B

Made a notebook cover for a lovely lady who resides in India and supports one of our software programs at work.  She gifted me some lovely handmade Indian goodies which she sent over with her husband who is working on a project in Australia.  I’ve been working out what to make her and thought a personalised notebook cover would hopefully give her some joy.

I embroidered her name on the front and sewed a few scraps of fabric together.  I featured the Dear Diary Fabric Riley Blake Designs (Dear Diary) designed by Minki Kim on the front and also inside for the lining and pockets.  It was hard to find the fabric in Australia, wished I could of got some of the other designs/colours.



Labelled Fabric Cord Holder

Published February 20, 2018 by Fi-B

Fabric scraps + chalkboard fabric = labelled fabric cord holders suitable for a hand made gift.

I used this tutorial and template DIY Cord Keeper Tutorial.  I found some chalkboard fabric in my stash, which I sewed with the scrap fabric.  Just remember to follow the instructions and prep the chalkboard fabric before using chalk on it.  I also had a chalk pen to write on the fabric.  Snaps was my chosen method for the closure instead of velcro.

I am gifting these to my Father in law as I think they would be good for travelling, so he can label them as required and use as desired.


Fabric unpaper towels – Batch 2

Published February 18, 2018 by Fi-B







I made my 2nd batch of unpaper towels.

The last ones served me well for three years.   Here is my previous post when I made the first batch Fabric unpaper towel roll.

I had lost a few in the wash and the rest were starting to get a few stains that the wash didn’t get out.  I made 12 in this batch. I found the left over microfibre fabric from the last bunch.  That stuff gets  a bit messy when cutting and sewing.  You don’t need pins with it, cause it sticks like magic to the cotton fabric.  That’s why it makes such a good cleaning fabric, cause everything clings to it.  It’s great to wipe down benches and spills.  It was a good core workout putting all these snaps in there.  12 towels x 4 snaps per towel = a lot of snapping.  Glad that job is over, but super handy for turning into a continuous roll of towels.

Thanks Mum – a memory bag

Published February 9, 2018 by Fi-B

I had been thinking about childhood memories with my Mum recently.  Baking gingerbread people was one of our favourite holiday activities.  My Mum is very practical and not one for material things.  She requested if I can make her a shopping bag for Mother’s Day.  So I thought a perfect way to capture our memories and give her a gift she will use.

I used the bag instructions in Minki Kim’s Sew Illustrated Book. Her drawing/sewing techniques was the inspiration for my picture.  I can’t really draw, but managed to capture the elements on paper (to the best of my ability).  The bag’s lined with a zipper pocket inside (yes I did lining and a zipper – I’m impressed with myself).

The details are what makes the bag special for me and hopefully Mum.  Yes I sewed all the words on the sewing machine. How I love erasable pens.

My drawing was pretty close to final design, but I wasn’t sure how to do the detail of the gingerbread men.  I left the tray empty a few days after sewing the rest of the design, then wham – I saw something in my button bottle and luckily it was the right size for the tray.

Hope my Mum likes it.  Have to hide it till Mother’s Day, then remember where I put it 🙂


Fabric paper doll Dream and a wish

Published February 1, 2018 by Fi-B


Made this fabric paper doll using a fabric panel of Riley Blake Designs by Sandra Blackman.  It was part of this range Dream and a wish Riley Blake, but they don’t show the panel I have, which is originally designed to turn into a pillow.  I also have the other panel pictured on the link, so will have to tackle that one another time.  With one daughter and five nieces I’ll have no trouble finding an owner for them.

This is what it looked like before I cut it up.  I decided the pillow was too much effort and decided to make it into a little book that you can take with you.

She’s all set for dresses – 8 to choose from and 3 hats.  I used the print fabric, a layer of fusible interfacing, then a layer of felt joined with double sided iron on adhesive.  I then sewed around the edge of all the pieces to secure and cut them out.   Would of been nice to have some co-ordinating fabric for the outside, but used some other fabric I had in my stash.  I sewed the castle picture for the front.

Bags – fabric

Published January 27, 2018 by Fi-B

Been working on some fabric bag creations this week.

  1. Fabic gift bag
  2. Fabric envelope

The Fabric gift bag is my second one I’ve made.  I used Fabric gift bag pattern which is really a good pattern and has good instructions.  It creates a lining and sturdy handles.  I embroidered the name using my embroidery machine.  I found these lovely hand made labels to sew on that I cut using pinking shears.

The pattern comes with different sizes.  I made this one previously.

I also created a fabric envelope using a pattern from the following book Sew Illustrated.  It’s got some great patterns and of course the sew illustrated technique is one of my new favourite ways to enhance any project.  I will use this envelope for my daughter’s diary at school and to exchange notes with the teacher.