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Fabric unpaper towels – Batch 2

Published February 18, 2018 by Fi-B







I made my 2nd batch of unpaper towels.

The last ones served me well for three years.   Here is my previous post when I made the first batch Fabric unpaper towel roll.

I had lost a few in the wash and the rest were starting to get a few stains that the wash didn’t get out.  I made 12 in this batch. I found the left over microfibre fabric from the last bunch.  That stuff gets  a bit messy when cutting and sewing.  You don’t need pins with it, cause it sticks like magic to the cotton fabric.  That’s why it makes such a good cleaning fabric, cause everything clings to it.  It’s great to wipe down benches and spills.  It was a good core workout putting all these snaps in there.  12 towels x 4 snaps per towel = a lot of snapping.  Glad that job is over, but super handy for turning into a continuous roll of towels.


Fabric unpaper towel roll

Published January 30, 2015 by Fi-B

I decided to make some cloth towels to use instead of using paper towels all the time. And this is how they look on my paper towel holder.


This is the tutorial I followed to make them:

I bought two fabrics from my local lincraft store. And some microfibre terry towelling from as this is a good cleaning and absorbent fabric.

I took my current paper towel size as a base so I knew it would fit on my current holder. It wasn’t square but rectangle so I had to keep that in mind when adding the snaps to join together. I made 10 so cut that many of each fabric. I then pinned together and sewed around leaving enough gap to turn inside out


I then turned out and top stitched around the edges and enclose the open section. I also sewed diagonally from each corner to the opposite to help the towel keep it’s size when washing.

I then added snaps using my snap machine and snap press from and rolled them around each other.
Things to keep in mind:
Make sure snaps are done on correct sides as it’s a rectangle and right way around so they match up and sit under each other nicely.


Now they look so good not sure if I want to use them