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Sewing/embroidery travel case

Published January 22, 2015 by Fi-B

This week I started on a new project for myself. As I travel on the train to and from work I like to do some of my craft sewing embroidery stuff on there. But as I’m working on something my scissors are sliding all over the place and I keep losing threads etc. I decided it was time to make something for holding those necessary items so I made this.

I started by getting two pieces of red felt, one for the inside and one for the outside. I ironed on some interfacing to both pieces. I embroidered my design on the front of the outside one.

I then made some pockets and connected to the inside piece. Most of them I made two pieces of felt for extra strength. The middle yellow pocket for the scissors I also ironed on interfacing to make it a bit tougher.


The section on the left I made a flap to put my needles and pins in, but it lifts up and there is another pocket underneath.

I added a snap with a snap machine and made a double felt piece to use to keep the scissors in place.


I sewed some elastic onto the inner edges of one of the main red pieces and a button onto the back of the outside felt piece



Embroidered card for a sweet 3 year old

Published January 17, 2015 by Fi-B
Birthday card for a sweet 3 year old
Birthday card for a sweet 3 year old

My project for this week has been an embroidered card. I really never thought I could create embroidery in a timely or pleasant looking manner, and thought doing any type of hand sewing/stitching was too difficult. But have lately recently changed my mind after doing a few projects featuring hand embroidery. I have mainly been embroidering on felt. But somewhere in my many pinterest posts I came across embroidery on card and thought it looked great. I thought it would be great for birthday cards, so here is my first attempt for my niece’s third birthday:

I recently found this book through booktopia.com, which I ordered and received very quickly. The book also comes with a CD, so you can put the images on your computer and resize etc and print out.

Embroidery book and CD

Embroidery book and CD

I also had picked up these embroidery threads from Big W to use. IMG_0788

I selected my image from the CD and inserted and resized in Word, then printed. Next I used tear-away stabiliser and traced the image I printed.