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Bags – fabric

Published January 27, 2018 by Fi-B

Been working on some fabric bag creations this week.

  1. Fabic gift bag
  2. Fabric envelope

The Fabric gift bag is my second one I’ve made.  I used Fabric gift bag pattern which is really a good pattern and has good instructions.  It creates a lining and sturdy handles.  I embroidered the name using my embroidery machine.  I found these lovely hand made labels to sew on that I cut using pinking shears.

The pattern comes with different sizes.  I made this one previously.

I also created a fabric envelope using a pattern from the following book Sew Illustrated.  It’s got some great patterns and of course the sew illustrated technique is one of my new favourite ways to enhance any project.  I will use this envelope for my daughter’s diary at school and to exchange notes with the teacher.


Birthday calendar with lift up flaps

Published January 21, 2018 by Fi-B

My birthday calendar with lift up flaps is finally finished :). It’s Southern hemisphere style.

It all started with this Monthly Sampler Pattern that I found.  It had a image for each month that was super cute and I knew I had to have it hanging on my wall.

I used calico fabric.  I sewed the black border and month names with my embroidery machine.  Then I cut out all the fabric as per the pattern for the appliqué pictures and sewed them on using the sewing machine.  I changed some of the pictures from the pattern.  I created a kite for August – as it’s windy in my city in August.  I put in a basket with Eggs for April and some tulips for the flowers.  I’ve been enjoying this sewing illustrated technique. This was the first time I tried filling a picture with stitches – creating a satin stitch using the sewing machine (see the green leaves in the tulips below).

After sewing on all the appliqué, I had an idea – what if I turned all the months into little flaps that lift up and I could put all my close family/friends birthdays underneath.  The problem was that the pattern had the rows and columns quite close together with only .5 inch in between.  This made it difficult to turn into flaps with the small seam allowance. And it would of looked a lot nicer if I spread out the months with more room and sewed the border on later perhaps.  But I wasn’t going to start again, so I cut away.

I cut out all the months.  Sewed on another piece of calico and batting and turned inside out, ironed and stitched around the border again.

Then I lined up the months on another piece of Calico and worked out some measurements to space it out evenly and mark out where to sew some clear pockets for the birthdays to go in.

Next I sewed on some clear PVC for the little pockets, and sewed interfacing on the back. I then pinned and sewed across the top of each month onto the fabric.  Then I laid it on the background fabric, which I was also used to bind the quilt.

I ironed over the edges of the backing/binding fabric twice and sewed it on.

I printed out all the names and their birthday date I wanted for each month, and stuck them safely under the clear pockets.  Now I can always be prepared for each birthday as well as enjoying all the little illustrations on my sewing wall.


Panel book for Aubrielle

Published January 11, 2018 by Fi-B

My friend recently had a baby and I decided to sew her something.  It timed in well with the Boxing Day sales and I brought way to much from Spotlight so I could get free shipping.  I found this cute fabric panel to make a book.  This is the second time I have sewed something from a panel and now I’m looking forward to doing more.  I even embroidered dear little Aubrielle’s name on the back (with my embroidery machine).


I’m not good at following patterns like this.  Online tutorials are much easier.  Like this one had no instructions on the seam allowance (that I saw).  Then it had page numbers on there, but I wasn’t sure if they were just to guide putting it together or to show for the book owner.  If I was to include the numbers then I wouldn’t have any real seam allowance, so I sewed close to the edge of the print, but leave a little bit of white space.

Each set of pages gets cut out and batting sewed to it, then sewed to another page and turned inside out.  I was lazy and didn’t slip stitch the opening, but instead top stitched around the edges at a hundred miles an hour.  The cover is a bit bigger than the other pages (luckily I read this – or I’d be putting it together and wondering how I stuffed it up).  At the end you sew all the double pages down the middle.  I was worried it wouldn’t go through the machine being so thick – but it ended up ok.

Close up of the embroidered name.  I should of probably embroidered a FROM part as well.  I haven’t created a label to put on the things I make.  Another project idea 🙂


These were my favourite pages.

Zara’s Pinic play set

Published January 10, 2018 by Fi-B

I have created a pinic play set for my niece.  It’s a combination of different ideas.  This is the finished product.  Most things are removable so you can set the table.  This includes the four placemats, the four coasters, the four napkins and the centre hexagon potholder or cake plate.

The checkers come out a bit overwhelming in the photos, but I think it looked ok.  I found a good tutorial in German, but used Google translate to see in English:

Pinic rug tutorial – Google Translate

I found the embroidery designs for the tea time doodles here:

Der Stickbaer Embroidery

The quilted hexagon pot holder tutorial I followed is here:

Quilted hexagon potholder tutorial

The coaster tutorial link is below:  These were my favourite things to make.  It opened up a whole new world of ideas from Minki Kim and her sewing illustrated techniques.  I have ordered the book called Sew Illustrated because there are so many adorable projects and her illustrating is beautiful.

Sew Illustrated Coaster Free Tutorial

Minki Kim’s blog site

I used this tutorial to create the napkins:

You Tube Sew Fabric Napkins


Sewing/embroidery travel case

Published January 22, 2015 by Fi-B

This week I started on a new project for myself. As I travel on the train to and from work I like to do some of my craft sewing embroidery stuff on there. But as I’m working on something my scissors are sliding all over the place and I keep losing threads etc. I decided it was time to make something for holding those necessary items so I made this.

I started by getting two pieces of red felt, one for the inside and one for the outside. I ironed on some interfacing to both pieces. I embroidered my design on the front of the outside one.

I then made some pockets and connected to the inside piece. Most of them I made two pieces of felt for extra strength. The middle yellow pocket for the scissors I also ironed on interfacing to make it a bit tougher.


The section on the left I made a flap to put my needles and pins in, but it lifts up and there is another pocket underneath.

I added a snap with a snap machine and made a double felt piece to use to keep the scissors in place.


I sewed some elastic onto the inner edges of one of the main red pieces and a button onto the back of the outside felt piece


Embroidered card for a sweet 3 year old

Published January 17, 2015 by Fi-B
Birthday card for a sweet 3 year old
Birthday card for a sweet 3 year old

My project for this week has been an embroidered card. I really never thought I could create embroidery in a timely or pleasant looking manner, and thought doing any type of hand sewing/stitching was too difficult. But have lately recently changed my mind after doing a few projects featuring hand embroidery. I have mainly been embroidering on felt. But somewhere in my many pinterest posts I came across embroidery on card and thought it looked great. I thought it would be great for birthday cards, so here is my first attempt for my niece’s third birthday:

I recently found this book through booktopia.com, which I ordered and received very quickly. The book also comes with a CD, so you can put the images on your computer and resize etc and print out.

Embroidery book and CD

Embroidery book and CD

I also had picked up these embroidery threads from Big W to use. IMG_0788

I selected my image from the CD and inserted and resized in Word, then printed. Next I used tear-away stabiliser and traced the image I printed.